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Women Health and Fitness Secrets

Women Health and Fitness Secrets

It is a story of a young women living in Visakhapatnam. We can know Women Health and Fitness Secrets with her life. telugupopular.com exclusive story::

With Rajitha, 25, it was more a spirit of adventure than an interest in fitness that made her agree to go through the rigorous, two hour fitness test at a Sports and Fitness Centre in Visakhapatnam.

Rajitha thought she would only asked to shed a few kilos after her fitness test, but she was in for a surprise

Rajitha works as a marketing executive with a publishing house and has a fairly busy lifestyle, though she admits she could make time for a fitness routine if she pushed herself a wee bit. “But then I’m just too laazy,” she laughs.

Benefits of Regular Work Out

She lives alone in vizag and has an irregular diet. Breakfast is usually rotis ad subzi and dinner is the same, with lunch at work being anything from a sandwich grabbed in a hurry to a greasy biryani. She admits to having a sweet tooth which she indulges with chocolate.

Fitness and metabolism

Women Health and Fitness Secrets
Women Health and Fitness Secrets

Fitness and metabolism: Rajitha is in perfect health and belived all she would be told after the fitness test was that she needed to knock off a few kilos. Suprise, suprise. The test carried out at the fitness centre showed her to be well under her optimum fitness level with a higher content of fat than normal and extremely poor stamina and aerobic capacity. In an older person this could mean bad news for the heart, though Rajitha is too young to worry about that.”

After the preliminary pulse and heart rate tests, Rajitha was tested for her body composition – the most important parameter in fitness. Say Venkatesh, manager at the fitness centre, “the body composition is what really tells you how fit you are, more than your weight or any other parameter”. The test, carried out on bio electrical equipment, shows the percentage of water and fat present in the body. Lean tissue or muscle tissue is 71 to 75 per cent water while fat tissue is 14 tp 22 per cent water/ Om Rajitha’s case, 47 per cent of her body weight compromised water – just a little under the average of 50 to 60 per cent.

Boost Your Metabolism

How to Boost Your Metabolism: The percentage of fat in the body was 34 per cent – much above the average of 20 to 26 per cent for a female her age. Rajitha’s aerobic score of 130, determined through a step test where she was made to step up and down a 12 inch high stool, was rated as very poor and her cardio-respiratory function or lung capacity was found to be below average. her total body fitness level was rated as poor.

Various muscles groups in her body were tested for performance and while Rajitha’s abdominal muscles and leg muscles seemed to do just fine, her muscle power was only 50 per cent while her upper body strength was zero! Venkatesh pointed out that most women do tent to have weak upper bodies. Weight training can help this but Venkatesh felt there was no immediate need for Rajitha to concentrate on that part at the moment. Rajitha, 167.5 cms tall, and weighing 66 kg was told to knock off seven to nine kgs.

To lose this in three months time, ie 91 days, she would have to follow a sustained dietary/exercise program designed to help her lose 0.7 kgs per week

To lose this in three months time, ie 91 days, she would have to follow a sustained dietary/exercise program designed to help her lose 0.7 kgs per week. The exercise program Venkatesh designed for Rajitha does not require her to go the gym. It includes 20 minutes of exercise thrice a week, most of it aerobic activity such as brisk walking, jogging, cycling or swimming. To improve her flexibility and lung power.

Rajitha was recommended stretching and deep breathing exercises for five minutes each. Strength training to develop her muscles could be optional at this point. Rajitha’s basal metabolism was calculated to be 1480 kcal a day and to lose weight at a consistent and safe level she was asked to maintain a daily dietary intake of 1300 kcal going to a maximum of 1500 kcal a day. The bad news for Rajitha was that sweets were out as were fatty foods. A large intake of fluids was recommended, specially water.

At the end of the day an unlighted Rajitha vowed to make time every day to accommodate the fitness schedule into her day through she did not think she could still push herself to go through a regular workout at the gym.

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