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What is the importance of 10th Class and Inter



What is the importance of 10th Class and Inter

What is the importance of 10th Class and Inter

What is the importance of 10th Class and Inter: 10th class is the future of your higher studies and it is very important in student life. Intermediate or 10+2 is like a trade mark in a company for student community. How see the story.

Why score more in exams?

1. More marks more respect.
2. More marks is passport to be intelligent
3. Happy parents
4. Society praises you
5. You gain knowledge
6. Secure Future
7. Can get scholarship
8. Help in competitive exams like JEE, Eamcet etc
9. Party!!

Check 10th Class Results with marks, photo and grade

What is the importance of 10th Result?

1. 10th class is the future of your higher studies. It is very very important for students.
2. High marks, can easily get stream of your choice.
3. Your first ever certificate of Board Exam.
4. 2 Year of relishing success of 10th class.
5. Can get CBSE or Inter scholarship like SGC single Girl Child.
6. Can apply for INSPIRE internship program of DST. If you have 95% marks in 10th class,
7. you can apply for INSPIRE program conducts by Department of Science and Technology.

What is the importance of 12th Result?

1. 12th result is trade mark like a company. You can sell your trade mark.
2. It is end up result of school, reflects your 12 years education at school
3. Help out in JEE exam. It is very important for engineering students
4. Can get CBSE scholarship like CSSS central sector.
5. Can get merit scholarship in college.

Your marks depend on:

1. Your answers: What you have written in your answer, how much, content, keywords of subject, topic etc.
2. In hand of checker: How checker gets your answer, is that what he want or board answer key want.
3. Mood of checker: Is checker has fight with his wife early morning?? time of your copy checking etc.
4. Your way of presentation of answer: How well you presented, labeled, nderlined and reduced efforts of checker.

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