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Suchi leaks another video

Suchi leaks another video

Month of March saw one of the biggest scandals to have shaken up Kollywood thus far.

Suchi leaks another video

RJ and singer Suchitra’s Twitter handle went on a rampage, leaking intimate videos and pictures supposedly of Kollywood celebrities. The person tweeting from the handle also made allegations of the ‘adjustment’ in Kollywood and targeted actors and actress

After all the se Suchitra disappeared from social media, leading to more conspiracy . However, her husband Karthik Kumar put up a video on Facebook recently in which he cracks a joke that his next comedy routine would be about Suchi Leaks, as the tweets were called. The couple is supposedly in the US.

People r furious on this and reacting to atek action against them

More questions are now being raised about the controversy as there’s no clear picture as yet about what really happened

However , she ignored all rumours .