Sasikala convicted, dream to become Tamil Nadu CM vanished

Sasikala Natrajan found guilty by Supreme Court, her TamilNadu CM hopes smashed

Sasikala Natrajan found guilty by Supreme Court

On, 14th February 2017, the Supreme Court of India held V.K Sasikala / Sasikala Natrajan guilty of siphoning government wealth of over 60 crores in the 1990s. Sasikala convicted, dream to become Tamil Nadu CM vanished Court had convicted her for a 4 year jail term. The Supreme Court had also passed judgement against Late Jaylalithaa but proceedings were diminished on account of her death.

Just few days ago Sasikala was about to be announced as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. To every one’s surprise Supreme Court gave a sensational Judgement. It came as a big shock on 14 February 2017 to Krishnaveni Sasikala, also known as Sasikala Natarajan who was dreaming to become C.M of Tamil Nadu.

Sasikala was very close to Late J. Jayalalithaa, the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, who headed AIADMK for whole 27 years from 1989 until her death in 2016. Sasikala is an acting general secretary of All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK). After Jayalalithaa’s death, the party’s general council unanimously appointed Sasikala as the chief of AIADMK.

Sasikala has a history of being Guilty in the past also. Sasikala convicted, dream to become Tamil Nadu CM vanished. Sasikala was arrested along with Jayalalithaa on 7 December 1996 and was remanded to judicial custody for 30 days in connection with the Colour TV scam. During Jayalalithaa’s three tenures as Chief Minister, Sasikala is alleged to have misused her nearness to Jayalalitha to siphon wealth for her family members.

Sasikala convicted, dream to become Tamil Nadu CM vanished

It’s reported from the Courts that the Judgement was finalised and reserved to be announced at the right moment. On 14 February 2017, a 2-bench Supreme Court pronounced her guilty and ordered her arrest in a disproportionate assets case. This effectively ends Sasikala Natarajan’s dreams of becoming Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

Just few weeks ago our site has posted about a doubt whether Sasikala Natarajan going to be the new Tamil Nadu CM and few weeks passed changing tables upside-down for Sasikala. She was in well planning about the Politics and was playing well. She had not predicted this.

Sasikala was born in 1954. We all know that she is a close person to Jayalalithaa, the late Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Sasikala with moving right supporters arranged to be accepted unanimously elected as the general secretary of (AIADMK) party, the same which Jayalalithaa was head for a period of 27years. It’s been heard that she had created a new AIDMK of her own with her followers blindly supporting her.

It was on 29th December 2016 Sasikala took charges as a General Secretary of AIADMK. But is Sasikala, the Chinnamma of Tamil Nadu saint enough or not was a question on everyone’s mind. But later Courts Judgement cleared those doubts and stating that she was not fit to handle such a responsible role of Tamil Nadu Politics.

In the past also Sasikala was arrested along with Jayalalithaa on 7 December 1996 and was remanded to judicial custody for 30 days. In 1996 Sasikala was arrested on orders of the DMK led government for violating (FERA) the Foreign Exchange Reugulation Act.

When Jayalalithaa was arrested on account of the Tamsi land scam in 2014, along with her Sasikala was also arrested and was asked to pay a fine of Rs.10 crore’s. Sasikala convicted, dream to become Tamil Nadu CM vanished.

Jayalalithaa observed Sasikala’s practices and expelled her from AIADMK

On 19 December 2011, Jayalalithaa expelled her long-time close aide Sasikala and 13 others including Sasikala’s husband Natarajan, her family and relatives, including T. T. V. Dhinakaran and Jayalalithaa’s disowned foster son V.N. Sudhakaran and relieved them from the AIADMK.

Even through the period of 3 tenures where Jayalalithaa was Chief Minister, it has been heard that Sasikala is alleged to possess the absolute power behind the scenes. Sasikala along with her husband and extended family had taken complete control over AIADMK functioning.

Jayalalithaa alleged that Sasikala and her family were working against her. That matter was resolved by 31 March when Sasikala Natarajan was reinstated as a party member after issuing a written apology.

If not guilty, could Sasikala be fit for the role?

Sasikala has never made a public speech and definitely lacks the charisma and personality that marked Jayalalithaa’s career. But, the way she managed party affairs after Jayalalithaa’s death is being regarded as her only achievement. This was one of the reasons for accepting her succession to the role of General Secretary.

The AIADMK party candidates welcomed SASIKALA as their Chinnamma (little mother). These steps of accepting her as head can now be understood as her doing only, by making her followers manipulate other party members for support.