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Sarainodu {Sarrainodu} movie review rating

Allu Arjun, Rakul Preeth Singh, Boyapati Srinu's Sarainodu {Sarrainodu} movie review rating premier show live updates from USA, Sharjah, UK and Hyderabad. Here you can see Sarinodu movie review and rating first day first show. Geetha Arts banner, Allu Aravind is producer. SS Thaman music director. Sarainodu movie rating is 3.75/5

Sarainodu {Sarrainodu} movie review rating
Sarainodu {Sarrainodu} movie review rating

Allu Arjun’s {Bunny} 16th movie  Sarainodu movie review has created much expectations among Mega fans.Being a one of the top grosser of tollywood, there would be good and positive guessing will be there for Allu Arjun Sarrainodu movie review and rating.Yes, you are absolutely right,  Sarrainodu movie review and rating has got positive buzz at premier show/benefit show. Here you can see Sarainodu movie premier show live updates and Sarainodu movie rating. Some of his fans are typing sarrainodu movie premier show live updates and first day first show audience talk. Bunny’s Kerala fans are waiting for its Malyalam version Yodhaavu movie review rating. Boyapati Srinu directed this movie and Rakul Preeth Singh, Catherine Tresa are main female leads. Aadi, Srikanth, Naresh also there.

Sarainodu {Sarrainodu} movie review rating premier show live updates

Sarainodu movie review has got good talk today ie 22nd April, 2016. Popular film critic and UK & UAE film magazine Editor Umair Sandhu has given Sarrainodu movie review/Sarrainodu movie rating as 4 stars out of his 4 stars. Earlier he has given good rating for all mega heroes including Pawan Kalyan’s Sardaar Gabbar Singh. He gave 5 stars for SGS and it has became average.

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Sarainodu Plot
Gana (Allu Arjun) is an army officer and son of AP Chief Secretary. He falls in love with Local MLA Catherine Tresa (Divya). Divya (Catherine Tresa) is elected as an MLA after her father is killed in an accident. She has got several threats from villains. Allu Arjun becomes her security, when she receives death threats. She falls in love with her body guard Gana. But Gana falls in love with village belle Maha Lakshmi (Rakul Preet Singh). What happens next forms the crux of the story.

As a body guard, Gana has delivered an awesome performance and he is the security officer. We can say it is one man show. Heroines Rakul Preeth Singh, Catherine Tresa have done justice to their roles and good skin show. Allu Arjun and Rakul Preeth Singh chemistry worked well. It is a highlight of the movie.The performances of Srikanth, Naresh, Aadhi, Jayaprakash, Adarsh Balakrishna, Devadarshini, Vinaya Prasad, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Pradeep Rawat are assets of the film, say the audience.

Artists performance:
Being a mass director Boyapati Srinu and stylist star Allu Arjun both combined project worked good as a mass movie. He got good report from mass audience. Bunny added comedy apart from action sequences/serious scenes. He delivers commendable performance. Aadhi played antagonist role. Aadi looks stylish. His character not etched properly in this movie. He loses attention from the audience. Rakul Preeth Singh played good role. Her charm also a asset for the movie. Allu Arjun and Rakul chemistry is awesome.

Being a Legend director Boyapati not performed all his skills. There is a overdone in second half. He created 100% mass masala in this movie. He didn’t used Bunny skills perfectly.

Total Sarainodu public  talk: blockbuster
Sarainodu movie audience review: Awesome
Sarrainodu rating: 3.75 / 5

Sarainodu movie rating 2nd half: 3.75
#Sarrainodu Climax on…. Racy scenes Sarainodu movie rating
Plethora of artists in the movie every character rounded off nicely
02:42 AM : Till Now Movie is Good. Average. now Pre Climax Scenes are going on 02:30 AM : Last Song Do do title song is screening. Audience Goosebumps
02:23 AM : dialogue : intlo andamaina bhaarya pettukoni ivem paadupanulu sir brahmi:intlo home theatre undani multiplex velladam manestama
#Sarrainodu Colorful blockbuster song ,Engagement scene is hilarious

10 interesting facts about Allu Arjun

Telusa melody a visual delight @Rakulpreet
02:10 AM : Raju ku kavalsindhi varasudu kadhu veerudu anta. Aadi pinisetty scenes are awesome
02: 05 AM : Telusa Telusa song ….chaala baaga teesaaru… rakul papa adiripoindi 02: 02 AM : second half Started. movie is now on right track

1.45: Second half begins… Rakul Preeth Singh needs protection from Aadi.. He is a minister son…
First half rating :4/5… Awesome 

sarainodu intermission
1:30 Interval … awesome twist.. boyapati style… srikanth, jayaprakash, pradeep, adarsh balakrishna charaters entry.. INTERVAL


1:15: being a body guard for Rakul Preeth Singh he survived her from Aadi with villains…
1:00: telusa telusa song… Rakul dream song:

12: 55: Arjun character Gana.. Rakul Preeth Singh Maha Lakshmi ,, good chemistry.,.. started

allu arjun sarainodu intro
allu arjun sarainodu intro

12:41: Rakul preeth Singh Entry.. Businessman daughter… good skin show… good entry… never ever for Rakul
12:35: Sarainodu song begins… Full Rethym… SS Thaman music … OORA MASS

12: 33: Allu Arjun Intro… awesome.. different look.. visils
12: 31: Mukesh Advt: Tobacco Ad
12:30 am: movie started: run time 2 hours 41 minutes

Sarainodu premier show live updates time:LIVE UPDATES STARTED .
Sarainodu USA premier show Live updates /benefit show screening at USA/UK/Sharjah

sarainodu premier show live updates

sarainodu premier show live updates

But, if we see his earlier ratings and reviews all are really worked well. Malayalam version Yodhaavu review also will get good report because, he has got lakhs of fans in Kerala.There are several premier shows/benefit shows available for Sarainodu UK premier show review, Sarrainodu Sharjah, UAE, Singapore premier shows.

Indian Cinema Magazine UK Review rating is 4 stars {sarinodu review rating}

Allu Arjun character name/role in Sarinodu is Gana. The name is a lucky for Allu Arjun. He played the same prefix in Blockbuster hit Rudramadevi as Gona Ganna Reddy. He played Body guard for Rakul Preeth Singh. We can say Gana is a body guard for Mahalakshmi {Rakul Preet Singh}.What are the problems Rakul Preeth Singh faced in the movie is rest of the story.

Catherine Tresa appeared as Divya, Srikanth as Ratturi Raja, Aadi as Prathik.
Anjali special song {item song} number is getting good feed back from music stores.

allu arjun rakul preeth singh sarainodu hd photo
Allu Arjun, Rakul Preeth Singh in Sarainodu

Allu Arjun stylish look, punch dialogues and action sequences are trenmendous. Sarrynodu got U/A censor report from CBFC.

Popular choreographer Rishi PUnjabi worked for Allu Arjun’s this project. You Are MY MLA and Blockbuster songs are trending at music stores. All other sarrainodu songs also got response. S.S.thaman composed music. Allu Aravind produced under Geetha Arts.

Allu Arjun is expecting good and blockbuster hit from his own banner Geetha Arts.

Sarainodu premier show live updates

Allu Arjun’s Sarainodu premier show live updates will be available shortly. There are no premier shows at Hyderabad theaters. Sarrainodu didn’t got permission for Premier show screening at Hyderabad cinema talkies. There are Sarainodu UK premier show, Sarrainodu USA premier show will be available. We will update the details here. Please book mark this page.

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Allu Arjun is becoming lucky star and collection king. Because, he score record with three consecutinve 500 million share movies ie Race Gurram, S/o Satyamurthy and Rudramadevi. Now, it is Sarainodu movie. If Sarinodu becomes blockbuster hit of super at boxoffice it would be a record for Bunny. As per Sarrainodu movie talk and Sarrainodu audience talk, the movie will create records.

As per censor talk, Sarrainodu first half story is awesome and Sarrainodu movie review before interval got positive buzz. There is a small boring in second half. But, if we see the entire Sarainodu movie story and Allu Arjun performance in Sarainodu is excellent.

allu arjun catherine tresa sarainodu hd pic
Allu Arjun Catrena Tresa in Sarrinodu

Sarainodu movie dialgoue trailer

Bunny’s Sarainodu movie dialogue trailer given below: