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Prabhas Happy for Bahubali

Prabhas is the hero of the movie ‘Bahubali’. The movie is already around Rs. Over Rs 1500 crores has been collected. . Prabhas strong faith and respect for Rajamouli. It is a big thing for me to believe that I can act as a ‘Bahubali’. HE IS ready for seven years if necessary for ‘Bahubali’. The opportunity to act in such a role in the life of an actor. he is very fortunate in this regard

When hestarted ‘Baahubali’, Rajamouli concentrated on acting as he did in his mind. He wants to give the ‘Bahubali’ an audience as an actor. But the dream of the film is such a huge success. ‘Bahubali’ raised the hopes of regional filmmakers. ‘Bahubali’ is the place in the audience’s hearts. Playing the role of father and son in the role is a big deal. It is not easy to understand the sentiments between the father and the pair in two ways. ‘
He never thought I would be doing it. . At the age of 18, he got the idea of ​​acting. My daddy told me. They were very happy, “Prabhas said. Prabhas’ Bahubali 2 is followed in the movie ‘Soho’. Sujith is directing