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Khaidi No 150 premier show live updates



Megastar Chiranjeevi, Ramcharan and director V.V.Vinayak combination movie Khaidi No 150 premier show live updates are available here. Khaidi No 150 live updates from US are most awaiting for Chiru fans. There are several shows available for Megastar fans for his 150th movie Kaidi no 150 all over the world with Khaidi No 150 US premier, Khaidi No 150 UK, Sharjah, Dubai, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Canada premiere shows are coming out with various timings before its release on January 11th. Khaidi No.150 live updates availble today before its release from Abroad. You can see Khaidi No 150 movie review and Khaidi No 150 movie rating here. According to latest reports it would be All time Industry Record.

Khaidi No 150 premier show live updates

Khaidi No 150 is a Tamil remake film Vijay’s Kaththi, which was release in 2014 and became blockbuster hit at boxoffice. Due to its farmers story, Megastar agreed based on the elements.
He is doing after 8 years. There are several interesting team including technicians are working. Khaidi No 150 live updates available here shortly.  V.V.Vinayak is directing this movie and Chiranjeevi’s son Ramcharan is producing this movie under Konidela Production Company. America fans are eagerly waiting for Khaidi No 150 premier show because it is having Khaidi No 150 premier show in Abroad.
Khaidi No 150 U.S Theaters release, Show timings

Khaidi No 150 first premier show time:

Khaidi No 150 premier show live updates

Khaidi No 150 premier show live updates

11:00 PM : Movie was Over with Good Climax along Social Message. Its a pongal festival to all mega fans

10:56 pm: It’s quite a treat to watch ‘Mega Star’ in such a commercial and social message oriented film. However, the movie has its flaws and they are completely overshadowed by Chiranjeevi’s screen presence. Definitely, a treat for fans of Chiranjeevi!

10:51 pm: Court issues order in favor of Village and we have a ‘Happy Ending’.

10:46 pm: Some emotions scene all around. He gets a sign on documents and goes to the MNC. Time for climax heavy duty action scene.

10:40 PM : Tarun Arora Block mails thirf chiranjeevi to bring documents otherwise he will kill innocent chiru. At the situation old age people finds the truth
10: 35 PM : Powerful Dialogue from Chiru about Farmers problems which are presently facing across the state.

10:30 PM : Its time for DSP’s Wonderful song.

10: 25 PM : Innocent chiru surrenders to police and tarun arora kidnaps from police

10:14pm: Chiranjeevi makes a plan with city blueprint. He decides to block the Lake water so that this would become sensation and media would give desired attention.

10:12pm: Chiranjeevi tries to bring this to everyone notice. But Media and public are least bothered about this. They ignore as this has ‘Zero’ news value.

10:10pm: The case comes to the court and Judges say that youngsters in the village demand for factory and they say the verdict will go in favor of MNC if they don’t prove this is all a sham.

10:08 pm: One of the best ever action scenes. Here comes the most awaited COIN FIGHT sequence. This will go down the history for sure!

10:06 PM : Innocent Chiru Escapes from Jail.

10:05 PM : Kajal Aggarwal falls in love with chiru and Proposed him. Song Starts in Unwanted time.

1st Half Reports : Good Movie and Story

10:00 PM : Now its time for Interval.

09:55 PM : Tarun Arora calls and warns him. Chiru says i am Waiting.
09: 45 PM : MNC Guy send gundas to old age home and beaten old people. A power stunt scenes from mega star chiru.

09:35 PM : Chiru looks change with nerd glasses and innocent look. He is a master in Hydrology and finds that the village ground water source is huge.

09:35 PM : Some People tries to Kill “Thief Chiranjeevi” in Old age home. Some intensive action scenes rolling on. Powerful background music from DSP.

09 : 30 PM : At the Lions club event, flashback sequence for the innocent Chiru.

09:25 PM : Police Finds innocent manner in chiru. But, Still they keep calm and kept him in jail only.
09 :20 PM : Now the Movie Shift to Heavy tight Suspense. The Innocent Chiru Wakes up in Jail Hospital and He should be attend at court for submitting reports/ documents.

09:15 PM : Chiru Abroad plans dropped and its time for Romantic Song Sequence. Visuals and Kajal looks Cute.

09:10 PM : Power goes off and some one came from old man family. Chiru gets serious and slaps them in angry mood. After power came he saw that person i.e is kajal. Chiru shocks.

09: 05 PM : One old man Gets heart attack and Every one gets tensed in oldage home. Chiru tries to contact his family and made a call to his family but no one pick the call.

08:55 PM : A collector meets Chiranjeevi on road and says he is ready to pay him a DD for a huge sum. The collector takes him to an Old age home and everyone greets him.
08:45 PM : Chiru makes a plan and he changes with innocent chiranjeevi. So that cops might arrest the inncocent chiru then original thief chiru wil be free.
08:40 PM : Chiru meets kajal in airport and fell in love. Romance seens starts. Chiru meets his look alike and some goons shoot him and he is admitted to the hospital by thief chiru.

08: 30 PM : Chiru escapes from jail and went to his friend Ali’s work place and asked to prepare fake passports to fly out of india.
08: 25 PM : Chiranjeevi Said to police that guess how he would have escapes from jail. In this Between time Chiru Escapes.

08:25PM : Chiranjeevi Escapes From jail many times. Police worries about to catch him. Blueprint scene. Chiranjeevi visualizes the Jail with the blueprint. DSP has done a good job with background score.

08:07 PM : Chiranjeevi entry with Jail Break Sequence. Chiru Left from jail and police chases him.

08:05 PM : Movie Run Time 2hours 27 minutes.
08:04 PM : Khaidi No 150 Movie Premier Shows Have started in UAE & USA Theaters

Khaidi No 150 Rating Critics: 3.75/5 Stars
Khaidi No 150 movie rating: Fans – 4/5 Stars

There are several other shows available in Abroad at Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Sharjah. But Khaidi No 150 first premier show will begin at 12 Midnight at US.
Kajal Agarwal is female lead beside Chiranjeevi. Paruchuri Brothers, Sai Madhav Burra, Vema Reddy are written the movie. Story based on AR Murugadoss Kaththi.

Khaidi No 150 Synopsys

Chiranjeevi plays dual role in this movie. One is a criminal another is a social activist.
Chiranjeevi is a criminal, escapes from a Prison and comes to a village. Social Activist Chiranjeevi fights for the villagers.
The other side a group of farmers fights against a corporate company. Social Activist Chiranjeevi works with the group. They fights against grabbing their lands. Tarun Arora played the corporate company owner.
In the consequences, Police arrest theif Chiranjeevi instead of Social Activist Chiranjeevi.
The thief decided to help the farmers.
What happened to the Social Activist Chiranjeevi
Who is Kajal Agarwal?
How thief resolves the problem?
Rest of the story

Chiranjeevi songs are really awesome. There are every song is mind blowing.
Really it is 100% fans and audience movie. It would become blockbuster and all time hit in South India.
Chiranjeevi action sequences at climax is mind blowing.

Plus Points : Chiru Dual Character, dances Devi Sri Prasad’s BGM & Social Message about farmers, VV Vinayak direction, AR Murugadoss Story.

Khaidi No 150 Minus/ Negative Points : Interruption between Songs, Comedy Scenes

Khaidi No. 150 is the best comeback film of Chiru with all sorts of elements. Undoubtedly, it is the must watch film of the year. Its Great Pongal Festival treat for megastar fans.

Khaidi No 150 Live Updates

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Khaidi No 150 twitter updates

Khaidi No.150 trailer

Khaidi No.150 cast & Development

Chiranjeevi’s 150 is touted to be 150th full-length feature film in Chiranjeevi’s career after a gap of nine years. This tentatively titled action drama is the remake of 2014 Tamil action drama, AR Murutadoss’s Kaththi, featuring Vijay and Samantha Ruth Prabhu which dealt with a farmer’s suicide in India.The film is being financed by Ram Charan and A.Subashkaran and V.V.Vinayak will direct Chiranjeevi for the second time. Popular telugu writers Paruchuri Brothers wrote the script. DSP alias Devi Sri Prasad composed music.

Kajal Aggarwal
Tarun Arora
Posani Krishna Murali
Ram Charan as a special appearance
Allu Arjun – Special Appearance
V.V. Vinayak – cameo appearance
Lakshmi Rai – Special appearance in a song “Ratthaalu”

Khaidi No 150 begins commenced on 23 June 2016 as key sequences being shot at Chanchalguda Central Jail in Hyderabad. Later, in August 2016 Chiranjeevi and Kajal Agarwal together joined the shooting at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad.A special song was on Raai Laxmi and Chiranjeevi in October 2016. In November two songs were shot in the locations of Europe on the lead pair Chiranjeevi and Kajal.Lawrence Master, Sekhar Master & Jani Master are the dance directors. Popular stunt masters Ram and Lakshman worked for action secquences.