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How careers of some TollyWood heroes is fading

TollyWood stars careers are as normal as in any other fields. With line of failures fans will soon forget their stardom. Few stars are born in a celebrity family and might have born with silver spoon; these stars careers are more stable than others who raised on their own. But some are just lucky enough to get caught in right eyes at right moments. How careers of some TollyWood heroes is fading these days we are here to know.

How careers of some TollyWood heroes is fading

We have a small list to name. Some are in a chain of failing movies and others appear to follow similar path. Today we discuss about careers of few TollyWood stars like Sunil, Allari Naresh and Ravi Teja.

How careers of some TollyWood heroes is fading
TollyWood actor Sunil

Let us talk about Sunil and his career. Initially Sunil’s career began in a rather dull way with movies like “Prema kadha”, “Swayamvaram” were his first real opportunities in the industry. But with the movies like “Chiru Navvuto” and “Nuvve Kavali”, “Manasantha Nuvve” the first films that he acted in brought him recognition.

Sunil decided he would act in lead roles only

There were some movies where Sunil’s comedy roles became strengths to make them hit. But then, in the middle of his career he took a turn and decided he would no more act as just a comedian. He then started to act in lead roles. This also went well for some time and few movies even earned good collections like Rajamouli’s “Maryada Ramanna”.

Until recent time he thought his position was safe. The movies from 2014 on wards say otherwise. Films like “Bhimavaram Bullodu”, “Krishnashtami”, 2016 movies like “Eedu Gold Ehe”, “Jakkanna” and now in “Poola Rangadu”, which was released worldwide show drop in number of hits. There is a visible dip in his career, be it choosing wrong script or some other reasons. One can only hope his future projects work in his favor.

How careers of some TollyWood heroes is fading
TollyWood hero Allari Naresh

Career of Allari Naresh

Allari Naresh made his foray into films under the direction of Ravi Babu in the film Allari. His performance was well praised by the critics. His dialogue delivery was perfect with good timing in delivering comedy dialogues. Film “Allari” was huge hit giving him recognition as “Allari Naresh”. His third release “Thotti Gang”, co-starring Prabhu Deva and Sunil, was also successful at the Box office.

Just as his career seemed climbing at a rapid speed with hits collection like “Danger”, “Kithakithalu”, “Seema Shastri”, “Gamyam”, “Bendu Apparao”, and many to list, there started line of failures since 2013. With movies like “Action 3D”, “Kevvu keka”, “Jump Jilani”, “Bandipotu”, in 2016 “Selfie Raja”, “Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam” and now in Theaters “Meda Medha Abbayi”. It seems clearly that his comedy star image is fading, be it because of his choices of films or another. How careers of some TollyWood heroes is fading, with a fun filled film collection like that, fans would be disappointed to see his career turn down.

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