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Brahmotsavam movie review rating live updates ****4 Stars

brahmtosavam rating 4

Brahmotsavan movie review: Brahmotsavam would become an important movie in Mahesh Babu career and the role prince played in this film is one of his favorites. Brahmtosavam premier show live updates given below. Here we have provided Brahmotsavam movie review and rating . Brahmotsavam live updates available from USA, UK and Sharjah. There are several Brahmotsavam movie premier show at USA fans show/ benefit show. Srikanth Addala directing under PVP Cinemas banner and PVP produced it. Samantha, Kajal Agarwal and Pranitha are female leads. Prinve Mahesh Babu fans are enjoying Brahmothsavam live updates from Midnight show.

Brahmotsavam movie review rating premier show live updates

Brahmotsavam movie premier show live updates given. We have made an arrangement for Brahmotsavam live updates and also for Brahmotsavam premier show live updates from USA. Bhramotsavam review available below..

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Sathya Raj is a billionaire. His son is Mahesh Babu. Satya Raj became billionaire with the help of Rao Ramesh’s father. Rao Ramesh father gave Rs.400 to Sathya Raj. Sathya Raj became billionaire with the amount.

Sathya Raj is a family bonding person. He has got good relationship with his entire and big family. One bad day, Rao Ramesh asks Sathya Raj to marry his daughter Pranitha with his son Mahesh babu.

The entire family goes on tour. Rao Ramesh sees Mahesh Babu kissing and huggin Kajal Agarwal. Rao Ramesh wants to dismantle the entire family relation.

How Mahesh Babu solve the problem. What did they face problem with Rao Ramesh? Who is Samantha? What is the flash back scenes? rest of the story..


Brahmotsavam Rating: 4/5 stars

Brahmtosavam premier show live updates
Brahmtosavam premier show live updates

03:55 AM : Movie Completed. Nice Story Given By Srikanth addala.

03: 50 AM : Climax lo Rao Ramesh jaya sudha mahesh babu performance was Superb and Highlight for the film

03 :45 AM : Family roots Concept and Family Based Movie 02:33 AM : So far Second Half little bit down, But not bad.

03:25 AM : Movie is Moving Slowly with Addala dialogues.
03:17 AM : Put your Hands Up Song is on. 02:16 AM : Vennela Kishore Comedy is Good

03: 13 AM : Main conflict Rao Ramesh toh…. Aadini vadilesi movie enti ekkadekkadiko eltundi…. Entertaining though

02:56 AM : Samantha vacchinappati nunchi em jarugutundo artham kavatam la

02:47 AM : manchi vallani chusi unna kani neelanti manchi vallani chusi undannu addala garu Ee dial meeku apt.
brahmotsavam review

02:41 AM :Interval point highlight of the film…. Not the conflict but the way it has been shot is brilliant

1ST hALF RATING: Brahmotsavam Rating 4Stars ****{Upto Now}

First Half : 1st half over story ledhu but scenes bagunnai DOP,BGM,love scenes flash back Kajal Agarwal and Mahesh Babu. last 20 minutes towards intermission good first half with terrific performances

02:31 AM : Interval Scene. Superb and Brilliant by Srikanth Addala.

02:30 AM : Everyone is clapping for Rao Ramesh This shows telugu audience appreciates characters other than hero during movie

02: 25 AM : Rao Ramesh Kummesadu…. Response addirindi.

02: 19 AM : We can totally relate to Kajal’s character…. This is Good…. This is really Good

02:15 AM : Nice Family Scenes with Colourful Visuals Going on

02:10 AM : Aata paataladu Song is on Before Good Scene.

02:05 AM : Visuals Superb by Srikanth Addala. no Side track. Movie Good till now

02:00 AM : Srikanth Adddala Dialogues was superb and One of Movie Highlight.

brahmotsavam mahesh live update
brahmotsavam mahesh live update

1:57 AM : Another gud scene btw Mahesh n Kajal.

1:53 AM : Beautiful scene can totally relate to it

1:47 AM : Another song …Bala Tripuramani Song is running.

1:45 AM : Mahesh and Kajol Scene Super

1.38 AM : bad ga cheppadaniki naku oka chance ivvandra ila back to back entertaining scenes pedite ela?

1.35 AM : Satyaraj gari subtle Overaction edaite undoooo

12.28 AM : Kaaajuuuuu

1: 27 AM : Very well picturized sangeet song 12 :25 AM : Oka Manchi maata….Song terrific… Start ayina ventane parigedutundi movie

1 :23 AM : R.Ratnavelu’s cinematography is at peaks

1 : 21 AM : Prince Entry is Awesome. Madhuram Madhuram Song is On.. BGM Superb

1: 20 AM : Very nice start…. Vigils Clean n crisp. 12:15 AM : Show Started in Kuwait & Dubai.

brahmotsavam titles

11:59: Mahesh Babu Entry Vigils…. Kevvu Keka


Brahmotsavam movie live updates time: started..
Brahmotsavam live updates from USA: started..
Brahmotsavam UK premier show live updates: started..

Brahmotsavam movie review rating

See: Brahmotsavam movie review has got positive buzz from Brahmotsavam censor review. As per UK censor Brahmotsavam movie rating has got 4 stars out of 5 st ars.
If we are talking about Brahmotsavam review, which is getting positive talk from censor members. As per reliable sources, Mahesh Babu Brahmotsavam public talk is very nice. Brahmotsavam audience response will be updated shortly here.

There is a huge demand for Brahmotsavam movie tickets at Hyderabad and other theaters including USA and overseas market.

Brahmotsavam first day collections tentative expectations are Rs.9 Crores. Because Mahesh Babu earlier movies have crossed Rs.8 Crs. If we see Srimanthudu, which has crossed eight crores rupees mark in its day 1 box office collections.

Brahmotsavam USA premier show will be started at 11pm today and Brahmotsavam UK premier show will be live at 12 midnight.

Brahmotsavam Hyderabad premier show live updates

There is no premier show or benefit show or fans show at Hyderabad due to police permission problem. As per producers, Brahmotsavam will have five shows on its opening day ie May 20th at Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Telangana Chief Minister K.C.R has given special screening permission for Brahmtosavam special show at Hyderabad 5 shows on its first day.

Hyderabad Brahmotsavam special show for May 20th morning sold for huge price. There is a big demand for Mahesh Babu movie.

Cast and Crew

Mahesh Babu, Kajal Aggarwal playing as Kasi, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Pranitha Subhash, Naresh, Sathyaraj, Brahmaji, Jayasudha, Revathi, Saranya Ponvannan,Easwari Rao, Rao Ramesh, Tanikella Bharani, Sayaji Shinde, Tulasi, Krishna Bhagavan, Pavani Gangireddy, Chandini Chowdary (special appearance)

Technical: Director by Srikanth Addala, Producer byPrasad V.Potluri, Mahesh Babu
Production company: PVP cinema, G. Mahesh Babu Entertainment Pvt. Ltd

Music: Mickey J. Meyer, Mani Sharma (Background Music)

Brahmotsavam twitter live updates

Brahmotsavam trailer

Brahmotsavam Theatrical Trailer, Mahesh Babu, Samantha, Kajal Aggarwa, Pranitha Subhash

Brahmotsavam movie story

Brahmotsavam plus points
Mahesh babu Terrific performance
Srikanth Addala amazing direction
Terrific songs
Worthy Dialogues, mindblowing story and screenplay
Mahesh killer attituede and romance

Brahmotsavam minus points


Mahesh Babu performance