Trump’s decision affect on Indian students and H1B aspirants

    New U.S president elect Donald Trump's Immigration ban and affect on India

    Donald Trump the new elected president of United States has taken on storm with foreign immigrants. Trump has made a historic decision to completely Ban students and immigrants from 7 Muslim majority countries. Trump’s decision affect on Indian students and H1B aspirants is going to be a serious issue.

    U.S new elect President Donald Trump has made a historic decision on 27th of January 2017 to ban immigration to 7 Muslim majority countries which are Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. The actual ban allows the immigrants who are residents of U.S to stay in U.S under case by case basis.

    Actually this means that, citizens of Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Yemen and Sudan who have a passport from another country other than U.S are subject to the ban. Meanwhile recently Customs & Border Patrol issued a new directive.

    This directive clarifies that travelers will be treated according to the travel document they present. So, dual citizens (green card holders) can show their passport upon entry in to U.S.

    Trump’s decision affect on Indian students and H1B aspirants
    U.S VISA

    Trump’s decision affect on Indian students and H1B aspirants

    Trump has also shaken other parts of the world by his decision on H1B visas. He increased the minimum pay limit for a H1B visa holder. This means that, only certain high cadre jobs can be filled by Indian or other immigrants leaving lot of new job opportunities for U.S own citizens.

    This will be severely affecting Indian students, who basically have dream to study there and eventually get a H1B visa for jobs in U.S. This means that he has indirectly created a ban on Indian students not to enter in huge numbers and entry level I.T job aspirants limiting them to highly merit or those capable to get the jobs in higher positions only.

    Trump’s decision has emotionally affected millions of foreign students staying in U.S who are either yet to finish their Masters education or H1B visa aspirants. His followers and experts fear this might start to generate hate against Donald Trump.

    Court’s denial on the Trump’s Immigration Ban

    Though the decision has been given denial and Stay order by U.S court, Trump is still willing to fight to make it an accepted law/rule. It is early to say what might be the outcome of the final verdict by their higher courts. There is lot of debate going on throughout the world after the Trumps statements.

    So, Indian students are restless and looking of alternative countries. It’s been heard that U.S president Donald Trump’s decision has made immigration departments of other countries running as there has been a jump in new applications from India as well as other countries applying for student and job visa’s.

    Generally the Indian student’s choice of applying since long was dominantly for U.S, then alternatively for countries like Canada, Australia, U.K, Sweden etc. There is big change expected from now onward, which might lead huge flow of new immigration’s changing choice from U.S to Canada and Australia.

    New students of this academic year who have completed their Graduation and wishing to go to U.S were all shattered by these decisions. Students as well as fresh job aspirants are confused by the new changes in U.S immigration methods.

    Trump’s decision affect on Indian students and H1B aspirants
    U.S President Donald Trump

    Trump’s decision affect on Indian students and H1B aspirants and the currently perusing foreign students and H1B Visa job holders in U.S are more worried about what might be the next move or new rule Donald Trump has in mind.