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24 movie review rating premier show live updates Singapore

Suriya, Samantha, Nitya Menen, Vikram Kumar's 24 movie review rating premier show live updates including 24 tamil review, 24 telugu review rating live updates from USA, Singapore, Malaysia benefit shows

24 movie review rating surya
24 movie review rating

24 movie review rating: The Singham hero playing first time as a villain in 24 movie released today. Suriya is playing 3 different characters in Vikram Kumar’s scientific fiction 24. 24 movie review and 24 movie rating has got good response among audience at 24 movie premier show live updates at Singapore and USA. 24 review and 24 rating has got 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. Karan Johan has given more stars ever with his tweet. 24 movie story is logical time travel movie.

24 movie review rating premier show live updates USA

24 movie review and 24 movie rating will be given after 24 movie premier show live updates will be available shortly here. We have made some arrangements for 24 premier show live updates from USA and 24 movie live updates Singapore. Here you can get minute to minute updates about 24 movie first day first show after 24 tamil and 24 telugu movie live updates.It is being released in 24 movie telugu and 24 movie tamil reviews will be given differently. 24 movie released today.

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24 movie live

24 movie live updates


24 movie premier show live updates
24 movie premier show live updates

A time travel related concept begins.. The way it is revealed in d film is simply mind blowing visuals….

Suriya 24 movie live updates will be available now from UAE, USA and Singapore. There are several 24 movie benefit show live updates from special show  given here.
24 review

24 movie Plot

telugupopular.com has got first hand 24 movie story here. We will tell you the 24 story in very simple manner. Surya playing three different characters in 24 movie and will be seen in 5 getups.

If we talk about 24 movie story: Atreya and Sethuraman are brothers. Roshan is a scientist. He got a fantastic formula to know futuretense. We can call it is time machine. It tells future and can stop the future things.
Atreya is a villain. He wants to have the watch {machine}. But Sethuraman rejects to hand over it.

Sethuraman has a child named Mani. Suriya played the three characters/roles.
Atreya kills his brother Sethuraman. He keeps the formula for his son.

After 30 years Mani knows that, his father keeps time machine formula for the betterment of the society. He keeps the formula secret.
Atreya came to know that, Mani is having the formula which Sethuraman given to Abista.

Suriya 24 Movie {Telugu Tamil} tickets booking online

What happened at the end.Mani has given the watch to his Uncle or not. What happens after using the watch. How the time travel machine is useful for the society is rest of the story.

We can remember the story is like Krish hindi movie. But the treatment and story is different.

24 Movie Audience Live Response:
There is a good response about 24 movie. We have taken 24 movie premier show audience response from UAE and USA. There is positive buzz about 24 movie public talk and 24 movie audience reponse live..

24 Movie Review

Suriya’s 24 movie review with different inputs given below: Check this place for complete 24 review.

hamizha ‏@rpthamizh Says After #UnnaiNinathu & #Vel #Charli sir joining with @Suriya_offl as astrologer ! I never been excited like today ever. Waiting !
#24TheMovie SEBASTIAN ‏@aselasebastian Says What I find attractive in a film is how the makers develop a brand new thrilling story & the efforts they make it to shine fresh

#24TheMovie Umair Sandhu Exclusive Review ‪#‎24TheMovie‬ ( From UK Censor Board Office ). Seriously! What a Classy film ! Standing Ovation to VFX Team. Best Science Fiction Thriller ever made in the History of Kollywood.

‪#‎Suriya‬ Hatsoff to u. He gave Lifetime Performance! He Nailed it. ‪#‎Surya‬ gave National Award Worthy TOP Notch Performance.

‪#‎Samantha‬ looks so Beautiful throughout the film. Her Chemistry with him is simply TERRIFIC. Good Performances by all supporting actors. Unique Concept, Engaging Screenplay no dull moment. Mindblowing Music, Bone Breaking Action Stunts, Crispy Editing, Thrilling Background Score & TOP Class Production Designing. First Half & Climax is simply Outstanding. Superstar Suriya Fans will love this Classy Hollywood Style Thriller very much. I’m totally Speechless! Strongly Recommended to all of u.

5*/5*. ( Umair Sandhu ) Sidhu ‏@sidhuwrites Says #24TheMovie Interval: Interesting. Starts off with aplomb, then dips a bit with Sam’s entry. Lot of scope for Suriya, he’s acing it.

Taran Adarsh tweet about 24 movie:
Suriya in triple roles this time, delivers an award worthy, knockout performance. Suriya is stupendous as the evil antagonist #24TheMovie

Vikram Kumar, who directed the terrific #Manam handles the subject with brillaince 24 the movie

High Points: Dramatic Start, cute light moments (Suriya, Samantha chemistry), fab interval point, emotional moments, the culmination

24 movie cast & Crew

Suriya as Mani, Sethuraman, Athreya
Samantha Ruth Prabhu as Sathya
Nithya Menen, Girish Karnad, Ajay
Saranya Ponvannan, Sathyan, Mohan V. Raman

Producer: Suriya, Music: A. R. Rahman
Cinematography: Tirru, Editor: Prawin Pudi
Production company: 2D Entertainment
Distributors: Eros International, Studio Green

Suriya performance in 24 movie

Suriya performance in 24 movie: Suriya has played different shades with 24 movie. Samantha and Suriya chemistry is awesome. Samantha has got good break with this movie.

24 movie Technicalities

Manam director Vikram Kumar has proven with 24 tamil movie and 24 telugu movie again. A.R.Rahman Music is awesome. Several tracks are trending now after its picturisation.

24 movie telugu review

Suriya is a popular actor in tollywood with his blockbuster hits in telugu. 24 movie telugu review also gets same like 24 movie tamil review. We will update exclusive 24 movie telugu review. Stay here

24 movie tamil review

Being a star in Kollywood Surya movie 24 tamil review is trending not only in Tamilnadu and also in Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Sharjah, Dubai and Canada. Here we will provide you 24 movie tamil review and 24 movie tamil rating.

24 movie rating

24 movie rating: If we see 24 movie telugu review and 24 movie tamil review has got good ratings. 24 rating, 24 tamil movie rating is 3.5 stars. 24 movie rating is 3.5 stars as per 24 movie audience review. If we talk about critics 24 review rating it is 4 stars out of 5 stars.

24 movie twitter live updates

There are minute to minute updates about 24 movie twitter live updates here:

24 movie trailer

Suriya 24 movie trailer:

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