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11 Useful Apps for Employees at Workplace



best apps for employees at workplace
11 Useful Apps for Employees at Workplace

11 Useful Apps for Employees at Workplace

In the recent year’s like 2006 before apple has introduced the iphone, employee’s used to work on the apps that were given by the company.No longer today employees are doing this rather simply buying the apps and loading them into their mobiles and tablets. Here you can see Popular and Best useful apps for employees at their workplace.

11 Useful Apps for Employees at Workplace

The 11 popular apps employees use at their work and best apps for workplace are:

1. Google Drive-with the files can be sync and shared.Google apps stores documents,spread sheets and presentations in google drive.

2. Gmail-Enterprises such as Genentech use gmail as their corporate wide email solution but employees use personal Gmail accounts to send large files to co-workers and partners.

3. Apple icloud-Companies back up apple computers and devices to icloud and also sync files and passwords.

4. Salesforce-Salesforce is the #1 CRM provider but it also offers leading solutions for marketing operations,customer support and enterprise social networks.

5. Facebook-There is a legitimate purpose for some companies to promote their company’s brand and engage with customers.

6. Cisco webEx-This allows the employee’s to share their screen while delivering a presentation online and to conduct a video conference with meeting participants.

7. Jive-It allows a social collaboration platform for employees with blogs,groups and discussions.

8. Microsoft Office 365-With this you can story and edit word,excel and powerpoint documents in a cloud from a web interface.

9. YouTube-It’s a leverage video site which accounts a lot of date in the cloud.

10. Dropbox-This is used by 97% of the employees to sync files across devices. Dropbox for business provides additional control capabilities such as audit log and remote wipe.

11. Box-Box offers a file sharing and collaboration platform used by the enterprises with robust management tools and integration to enterprise cloud services.

The above best apps for workplace can be downloaded from android play store with your mobile phone.